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Cascading Bouquet Of White Flowers Orchids And Jasmine


The 2013 brides will once again be following current fashion according to The Wedding Report, A market and research forum for the wedding industry. Layering their dreams of traditional choices they have dreamed of for years with the “latest and greatest” considerations is where many brides find themselves when making choices for their special day. While traditional gowns still are the most popular choice, bridesmaids and tuxedos are seeing more trendy fabrics, colors and accessories. Subdued classic choices for the ceremony are often contrasted with colorful blasts of color for the celebratory reception.
For the ’13 brides, Personal taste is where it is happening. Brides are using Pinterest now more than ever to gather ideas and formulate the looks they want to express. Bright pastels are still in vogue for this summer’s color pallet. Antique white mixed with layers of candlewhite, ivory and soft metallics make a trendy statement for this summer’s selection of color.
Sophisticated form and architectural emphasis are being shown on the runways for 2013. Elegant strapless gowns are still the rage but we are seeing more figure flattering halters and v-necklines, empire, and A-line silhouettes are making a comeback. These provide the perfect background for showcasing beautiful cascading bouquets.
For bridesmaids, the soft shades of 2012 have given way to bold and bright colors for 2013. Subtle Turquoise, soft Butter Yellow or Electric Blue and Fashion Fuchsia are making quite the impact. Pale Peach mixed with Shocking Orange is gaining too in popularity. Geranium red and coral pink are also making their presence known this year. Look for gray; both flat and metallic, as the new neutral. The ‘Little Black Dress’ is still popular for bridesmaid’s choice of gown; making black and white weddings still popular for yet another season. Some major department stores are trying to lure the brides back by moving away from the traditional bridesmaids styling in order to compete with the traditional bridal stores for the dress sales.
Burlap combined with lace is making their presence known for aisle treatments to table linen and accessories for the guests table favors. Textures play a dramatic role for accenting dresses, hair treatments, and decorations throughout the wedding; both ceremony and reception. Vintage bottles, faux jewelry and antiques are popping up to be used as reception decorations. How fun is this and still allows the use of fresh flowers to compliment the personalized choices of today’s brides.
Brooch bouquets are still in high focus especially when combined with vintage flowers such as garden roses, hydrangea, sweet pea, and clematis. While hand tied bouquets still hang on in popularity, architectural cascade bouquets are creeping forward in popularity. Get ready to start to see the return of bouquets in holders with beautiful finished handles of elegant ribbon and rhinestone accessories. The recent release of ‘Gatsby’ will have an effect on fashion and events bringing style and elegance back in vogue once again.
The one thing you can be assured about wedding and event work is that is all about making a personal statement and listening to what the bride has for her dream day!
(Cascading bridal bouquet of Phalaenopsis Orchids and Jasmine designed by Alicia Schwede & Chuck Graham of Flirty Fleurs Flower Blog while attending Florabundance Inspirational Design Days in Santa Barbara, California)

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