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November 26th, 2009

As holiday music fills the stores and another Black Friday goes down in history, it is officially the Holiday Season! Whether you embrace it with open arms or guarded anticipation, it is here for you to make the best of. This year, customers are going to be ordering and decorating early, so you need to be ready for those clients needs.
The holiday season is slightly shorter this year due to Thanksgiving being later in November, so it will force a quick turn from Autumn’s influences of color to whatever color harmonies are being chosen for the holidays. Also, with corporate cut backs and downsizing in the professional arena, many clients will be hosting more private and smaller intimate home gatherings that still will need floral accessories.Fewer weekends between now and Christmas.
Being ready with suggestions and product will be the key to success this season. Having on hand inventory will work for those instant gratification customers who are always last minute and always in a hurry! Centerpieces, grab and go bouquets of flowers and foliage bouquets make for an easy order fulfillment.
Another idea is to examine the regular hours your store is open to see if with some minor modifications you could extend your customer availability by an hour or two. Maybe some of your current staff would enjoy coming in slightly later in the morning and then be available for those evening customers who want to stop by on the way home from work or other activities. By shifting your current staffing, it does not cost you any more payroll dollars but still keeps you customer accessible.
The potential for a successful holiday season is still in place. It means we now have to work a little harder and smarter to make the sales. One of the best resources you have at this time of year is working with reliable suppliers such as Florabundance. With the wide selection of holiday and everyday product, those unusual and last minute requests can be answered with “Yes we can” versus “No, I am sorry, we do not have that”. Be ready to Deck the Halls this holiday season!

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