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Boutonniere With A White Rose, Blue Berries And Eucalyptus


Last week was AIFD’s National Symposium held at the beautiful Paris property in Las Vegas. It was attended by over 1,000 people from all over the world and Florabundance was right in the middle showcasing their beautiful and diverse product selection to all those who attended the Partner’s Expo.
Florabundance together with Fitz Design showcased how the two companies together play an interregnal part in both every day and the event business. The exquisite selection of floral products was featured on four tablescapes and worn by fashion models presented on a runway stage.
The wedding tables featured a vast array of flowers and foliage’s that were designed for both the traditional wedding and the vintage wedding. Both tablescapes showcased bouquets, centerpieces, and personal flowers. Lush, fragrant flowers are still very much a part of these two themed presentations. Ivory, antique whites, blush pinks and lavender filled the tables for the delight of the attendees. Trending in weddings are less guests with more importance on style and presentation and flowers are one of those areas that have recently seen a strong growth for importance for brides. A bride now spends 20 – 25% of her budget on floral and decorations. All good news for the floral industry!
Another tablescape featured event work and was red hot! Red is such a strong event color because of its effect and versatility. Red is a warm color and builds excitement! Red also pairs well with many other colors for a unique presentation. Whether combined with orange and yellow for an analogous color harmony or paired with orange and hot pink for a slamming visual impact, red wakes up sleepy colors and stands up to say look at me…I’m important! Red was enhanced with Gold metallic leaves from Fitz Design and also a retro red – black – silver color harmony for a visit to make the past the present. Vases and decorative containers from Syndicate Sales were full and overflowing for a tablescape not to be forgotten!
Body flowers were showcased on the last table displaying the versatility of Florabundance items for the hair, neck, wrist, waist and shoes! Gone are the days of disposable elastic wrist bands…now the focus is on keepsake bracelets, headbands, rhinestone necklaces, rhinestone belts and versatile shoe clips. With just a few flowers and interesting foliage’s, all these areas become options for wearing flowers thanks to Fitz Design and their diverse line of wearable keepsake jewelry. By gluing a few blossoms on the removable design disk, we enjoyed many options of personalized flowers. Dissecting flowers, removing petals and creating fantasy flowers is the focus of this year’s floral presentations. No longer are roses surrounded by baby’s breath acceptable body flower presentations. New and more stylized personal flowers are now in vogue which translates to higher selling prices using fewer materials.
Five hands on classes and 9 demonstrations were also a part of this year’s Fitz Design room activity featuring Florabundance flowers. The students learned to make Scepter Bouquets, Hand Tied rose bouquets, Brooch Bouquets, Fascinators, and Personal Body Flowers. What a treat for the standing room only students to see how easily it was to turn ordinary to extraordinary by pairing the fashion flowers from Florabundance with fashion jewelry from Fitz Design. Also classes in creative Boutonnieres, adding feathers, creating personal flowers with Wrappzz and much much more were all a part of this exciting time at Passion.
For those who were a part of AIFD’s Passion, you were surrounded and sometimes overwhelmed with ideas galore! It was an experience not to be forgotten for years to come. For those of you who had to miss Passion, visit the website at to get a taste of what happened and plan now to attend next years symposium in Chicago, IL.

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