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“Quality + Uniqueness = Success”

Like the rest of the world businesses, the challenge for the retail floral industry is doing more business. But how you ask do I do more business in this trying economy? One way is to separate what you sell from the rest of the pack. You can do this by offering multiple levels of service and unique product mixes. When you offer your customer the same product that can be found at all the other retailers in your area or at the local mass market, the only area of competition is on price. We all know that no one wins when retails go toe to toe with the larger venues. So the easiest way is to be successful is to carve a niche by offering slightly more unusual products that can be found available on the local market.

Florabundance offers unique products that combine well with more traditional products to give a new and exciting look for your sales team to work with and sell. We all know that if the staff is excited about something new and different, that energy is passed along to the customer.

While maintaining a base level of expectancy is a good thing for your customers, you still want to be able to offer new and innovative products. Think about McDonald’s for a minute. While they still offer Big Mac’s, cheeseburgers and fries on a daily basis, how many of their customer would go away if that is all they offered? McDonald’s is always testing the waters by introducing different menu items to broaden their offerings. If the new items are a success, they keep them on. If not, they move on to another offering to see how well it is accepted. We should be following the same model for success. Different colors, different flowers, stylish grasses and branches make for a welcomed change. The best response from your customer is when you hear them say, “I didn’t know I could get that here! I have seen this in a magazine and have wondered where to find it.”

Visit the web site or talk to your Account Manager to discover the unique mix that is right for you. Keep in mind that everyone needs to be familiar with the new products and how to care for them so when your customers ask what it is and how to maintain it in their home, everyone is an expert! Start with your next order and find three new items to add to your regular mix. Enjoy your new level of SUCCESS!

By Tom Bowling AIFD PFCI exclusively for Florabundance, Inc.

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