Flower & Plant Shipping

Flower & Plant Shipping

What shipping methods are available?

Shipping options include Federal Express Overnight and Ground, OnTrac truck delivery with overnight service in California and 2-day service to several western states, customer specified air freight, UPS, or various refrigerated trucking lines. We can ship to any location in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii (FOB Carpinteria, California) as well as Canada, the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico.

What are the shipping costs for Federal Express?

Florabundance offers discounted shipping rates on orders shipped via Federal Express delivery service. Shipping costs are additional and added to your order after it has been packed. Federal Express charges are based on weight, box dimensions, and your shipping zone. Box charges are additional. Complete shipping charges are calculated and available on the date of your shipment. Your Floral Wholesale Consultant can help you estimate these costs. The shipping cost you get charged at time of check out on line may be adjusted according to actual cost.

What are the shipping costs for OnTrac truck delivery?

There is a fixed rate schedule. The freight amount is determined by the box size and its weight. This service is very convenient and less expensive than Federal Express, but it is not available to all areas. Please check with your Floral Wholesale Consultant for destination locations covered by OnTrac. It is a service that focuses on the west coast states with overnight delivery to most locations in California and Nevada.

What are the shipping costs via Air Freight?

This varies according the airline and the destination city. We can utilize any current method being used by the customer, or we can help you research some alternatives.

How many bunches does each box hold? Please remember that these are estimates because flowers range in size. Some bunches require more room than others.

The four main sizes used by Florabundance are:
Full box (44x20x12) = 20 to 29 bunches
Half Box (44x20x6) =  11 to 19 bunches
Quarter Box (44x10x6) = 5 to 10 bunches
Petite Box (33x8x6) = 1 to 4 bunches

What are the box charges?

Florabundance box charges are among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry. They are:
Full box = $14.00/box
Half Box = $11.00/box
Quarter Box = $7.50/box
Petite Box = $5.00/box

Can I receive product on Saturdays?

Florabundance offers Saturday shipments to qualifying areas. These shipments are not offered with on-line orders. Please contact your Wholesale Floral Consultant to determine whether or not Saturday shipments can be received in your area.

Liabilities not assumed:

Florabundance makes no express guarantee on delivery via any method of shipping. The quoted delivery commitment time may change for many reasons, including but not limited to flight delays, cancellations due to air traffic control or weather related conditions.

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