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Peony Farm In Alaska

In Search of Perfect Peonies

Recently Joost headed North to Alaska! He was off on an adventure to discover the best Peony Farmers in Alaska, searching for the biggest and best blooms to offer to Florabundance customers. Joost traversed the Peony growing region in a big ‘ole RV, taking in the sites of the various farms all while surrounded by the amazing Alaskan landscape.

Have you heard about Alaskan Peonies? There is a lot of excitement surrounding them as they will now be available to Florabundance customers during July, August, September and even a bit into October! Alaska’s long and cool growing season will now allow peonies to be offered on the market when no other peony farmers have them available.



While out cruising the Alaskan Countryside Joost saw these beautiful bears off hunting. If you look closely you will see it’s a momma bear and two cubs. So beautiful!

Joost was invited to speak at the Alaska Peony Grower conference in Palmer, where he discussed how peonies are now one of the most desired and requested flowers for weddings; especially the white, cream and blush pink varieties.

Joost with Sue Kent, owner of Midnight Sun Peonies

Here Joost stands in front of one of the Peony Flower Fields at Midnight Sun .. rows & rows of huge, gorgeous full bloom peonies!

It took Joost two years to find the perfect farms to work with, lots of exploring and examination of quality product. Florabundance will be working with farms such as Midnight Sun Peonies,They start in July with an awesome quality of Red Charm peonies. Other farms Joost visited and will be working with are Scenic Place and Alaska Perfect peonies,Chilly Root farm and Aurora Blooms.
alaskan peonies


Coral Charm and Burgundy Peonies

Shirley Temple

Peony Coral Supreme
Festiva Maxima
Red Charm
Duchesse de Nemour
Blush White Frost
Dark Pink Kansas
Festiva Maxima

Red Charm

Florabundance welcomed Beth Ann van Sandt of Scenic Place and Rita Jo Schultz of Alaska Perfect Peonies to a visit recently where they viewed our packing methods and learned more about the wholesale flower business.

floral cooler
Beth Ann Van Sandt of Scenic place and Rita Jo Schultz of Alaska Perfect Peonies

Speak with your floral consultant for more information. Florabundance will have the peonies shipped directly to you from the farm to ensure the freshest product possible and save on shipping cost!

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