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Hot Pink Zinnia, Summer Flowers For Events

Hot Summer Trending

All through the year, we are blessed to have different seasons that have an influence on what is available and what is trending. Spring time brings us beautiful bulb gardens that have exposed roots and are often found inside glass cylinders so the viewer can appreciate the root, bulbs, foliage and flowers. Also in the spring season we enjoy vases and galvanized buckets of blooming branches. Nothing is more rewarding than to visually watch a bare branch come to life with beautiful blooms and foliage! It is a sight to behold and works well in both contract and residential interior décor.
Summer seasonality brings us a wonderful selection of cut garden flowers that are very popular for many occasions. Rebekah, Cone Flower, Zinnia, Cottage Yarrow, Globe Amaranth, Sunflowers and more are what many outdoor gardeners’ harvest for their own enjoyment. These garden flowers combined with Dusty Miller, Hosta Foliage and Ornamental Grasses give us a very upscale casual presentation. Pinterest pages are flooded with photos of casual floral stylings displayed in canning jars and vintage bottles being used from every day windowsill decorations to outdoor and elegant weddings. The whole shabby chic look of combining lace and burlap has taken the country by storm and it seems every other event is somehow connected to this theme in some way. While we as event designers and wedding specialists grow weary of the repetition, it has a deep rooted presence in the consumer’s eye so let’s ride the wave until the next new trend is with us.
Succulents have been back in the spotlight for the past year or so and are trending very strongly this summer season. Part is due to the interesting and varied shapes and colors they come in and the fact that they take very little care makes them very popular. We are seeing them used in sympathy designs, weddings and party décor. Recently a very popular wedding magazine featured bouquets of natural found objects and succulents combined for a very chic, upscale presentation. The theme was then carried over onto the guest tables and even appeared as decorations on the cake. Succulents come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors. From deep lush dark green to the wonderful gray-green that blends so well with just about any flower, the impact is definitely there! Succulents can also be highlighted with a brush of Design Master Color Tool to enhance a natural presentation, or can be completely colored with Design Master for a punchier, edgy presentation. What was once thought of as a southwest look has crossed the bridge to mainstream and is appearing in all kind of home and business floral decorations.
It is important to show your clients what is popular and what is trending with flowers, plants and foliage’s they are familiar with. When they understand and recognize products and components from the floral source, they become more willing to embrace the materials and will use you as their source of knowledge and product. Perhaps you might want to consider doing a garden chat and hands on workshop in your store during these slower seasons to get your customers excited about what is hot this summer besides the weather!

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