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Lavender Blue Diamond Double Tulips, 50 stems (free shipping)

Blue Diamond is a double flowering tulip which have double the amount of petals as standard tulips. These tulips are packed 50 stems is a small box and ship directly to you. Shipping starts after January 3rd, arrival days are Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Cut each tulips stem on an angle and let them acclimate and hydrate upon arrival in vase with support so they do not droop. Shipping included! Cut stem ends while tulips are still in the sleeve to create fresh surface to absorb water. Place into clean water filled vase, leaving tulips in sleeves for about 4 hours. This will keep the stems from drooping. Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight. Replenish water as needed and enjoy! Tulips are ethylene sensitive (which comes from fresh fruits and vegetables) which makes them open faster, but also age faster. Ventilate well and avoid storing with fruits and vegetables.

**Please note that tulips continue to grow even when they are cut and in water. Stems will need to be cut more often than other cut flowers**

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Buy our fabulous fresh tulips direct from Holland. Each order comes with 50 stems and free shipping!

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