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“Designing For The Times”

With everyone feeling the economic crunch, people are not spending the dollars they once did on high-end luxury items. That does not mean, however, they are not willing to surround themselves with comfort and beauty at the home level. Since people are spending more time in their home environment, they want to be surrounded in their home with a look that reflects the current trends.

Current shelter magazines feature the ‘less is more’ in a more scaled down design theory. But the good news is the level of importance they are placing on the items shown. Over-sized wall art, over-sized lamps and simple over-sized floral stylings grace the table tops of contemporary dwellings.

Large leafed foliages such as Monstera leaves, Stralitizia leaves and Fern fronds are very popular for a simple Eco Chic presentation. Masses of Hydrangea blossoms featured in glass cylinders or earthen urns make a dramatic and impactful presentation. Ever popular are mass stylings of graceful Callas with minimal foliage. Stemmed Orchids have been featured in shelter magazines for the last two years and are still making a strong showing for the next year. Both Cymbidiums and Phalaenopsis are great choices for this interior focus.

Remember, your customers have been bombarded with these home presentations in all the current shelter magazines and will be coming to you to help them replicate those looks. Don’t be a disappointment when they arrive. Be ready with the latest looks featuring the best flowers available from Florabundance. Consider hosting a demonstration in your shop to showcase the latest trends in interior design and accessories. The market is here and the time is right for translating trends into floral design!

By Tom Bowling AIFD PFCI exclusively for Florabundance, Inc.

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