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During the holidays many customers order floral centerpieces. Some have candles, some have figurines, and many times they represent a theme or a celebration. But what happens when you and objects that move, wheels and a driver? The answer is…

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Winter white

Whether you are having a white Christmas or just dreaming of one, white is still a favorite choice for many clients. Achromatic, or all white floral designs make for a stunning compliment to many homes and festive parties. Because the…

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At this time of year, lots of treats are shared among friends and co-workers. These goodies are usually sweet and full of flavor...and unfortunately calories. Mother Nature and Florabundance have teamed together to share some wonderful treats for you to…

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As holiday music fills the stores and another Black Friday goes down in history, it is officially the Holiday Season! Whether you embrace it with open arms or guarded anticipation, it is here for you to make the best of.…

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Artist by Nature

Nature is one of the most skilled artists when dealing with color. One never finds colors that clash or do not compliment each other in nature. So, it is nature’s beauty that we should look to to find inspiration for…

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In this fast paced world in which we function, time is the most valuable commodity that we sell. Customer’s time as well as your staff’s time cannot be taken for granted. When clients come in or phone your shop to…

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Less is more

November 10th, 2009 When considering a floral composition, many factors need to be considered before executing the design. Cost, type of floral materials, accessories, foliage, function, and color harmony are but a few. When the determination has been made for…

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