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Tom Bowling 2011 > UP, UP AND UPGRADE!

December 12th, 2011

Customers are all about having choices. If you are not quite sure, just stand and listen at your local Starbucks and listen to the number of choices the customer makes. It takes ordering a cup of coffee to a whole new level! It now becomes an experience. Flower shops can also have the ability to provide this customization for the customer to make their buying an experience.
In the buying world mental of one size fits all, it becomes a pleasant experience for the customer when you take the time to stop, listen to their needs and execute a beautiful floral styling that reflects their personal choices. While many of your customers may be satisfied with a standard presentation, there are those customers that enjoy the added attention and the option of making personal choices. Customization is not a new concept in the retail world. It actually dates back for many decades, however, it has become a lost business model as less and less customer service is available due to budget and operating expenses being reduced. Again, remember it is a service that you do provide and this is one area that you can separate yourself from your competition and the big box stores. You can probably name a few stores such as Nordstrom’s, Starbucks and others that are well known for their high level of customer service. Your goal might be to have your name in that list as well.
Along with customer service is the ability to offer your customers upgrades or add on sales. Upgrades are suggestions to allow the customer to make a stronger or more wow impression. It can be accomplished in several ways. Allowing customers a choice of better containers is one easy way to upgrade the floral presentation. Change from a disposable container to a keepsake contain is an easy way to do so. Adding more blooms to the bouquet is another way of adding to the choices for your customer as well as raising your average ticket price. When adding additional flowers, the customer wants to be able to see a noticeable difference in the presentation so think about what flowers are going to capture the most visual attention. Another consideration when considering upgrades is to be sure to give yourself enough of a budget to make the visual impact. Adding $5.00 to $10.00 dollars does not give you much to work with. Make the upgrade $20.00 to 25.00 to allow you to make it worth the added investment.
Examine the type or mix of foliages being used presently. While pedestrian are acceptable, think about what premium foliages are seasonally available. Check out the options on the Florabundance web site or check with your Account Manager to choose some additional selections to add the wow factor in your presentations. The same holds true for fillers. The more common filler materials might work for a majority of the floral stylings, but having a special selection for those customers with more distinctive taste and budget never hurts to have on hand.
An easy way to let your customers see the impact of upgraded floral stylings is to display 3 different price points using similar flowers next to each other in the cooler. You will be surprised how many customers choose the middle price point. You will want o do the same presentation on your web site so whether people are shopping in person or on your web page, it will work to your advantage.
Allowing customers to choose their options shows that you are willing and able to make their floral gift giving into a more personal experience and keeps them coming back for that special touch called personal service. After all, who doesn’t like to be made to feel more special in this hurry up world we live in.

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