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Tom Bowling 2011 > TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? ….IT USUALLY IS!

December 6th, 2011

During most prime time floral buying seasons, offers seem to pop up all over from suppliers, growers, importers and farm direct for shipping products to you. And of course, they do look so tempting, but ask yourself this very important question. Would I gamble my reputation and risk trying a new supplier at such a critical time of the year for the sake of saving a few cents? The answer should be an emphatic NO!

While everyone these days needs to be watching their COG’S (Cost Of Goods Sold), would you be willing to gamble and take a chance with a company whose product you and reputation you are totally unfamiliar with in order to save a few dollars and cents? We all know how expensive it is to gain a new client. Research says the average in 2011 acquiring a new customer costs a small business anywhere from 26.10 to 38.56 to attract a new customer to do business with you. That is a large investment to be possibly wasted because of a poor choice of suppliers.

Here are some excellent reasons to buy from quality wholesalers like Florabundance.

1) Overall Satisfaction – Florists significantly rated wholesale suppliers higher in overall satisfaction that from other suppliers.

2) Reliability – Wholesale florists perform best. They are dependable, they care about you and your business, and stand behind their promises. Your success is their success.

3) Accuracy – Wholesale florists consistently outperform other sources for fresh flowers both in order fulfillment and on-time delivery.

4) Responsiveness – When you need help, your wholesaler is there to assist.

5) Expert Knowledge – Wholesalers have knowledge and expertise about the products they sell. They are not just an order taker selling off a computer screen.

6) Cut Flower Quality – Wholesalers consistently deliver higher quality of flowers and foliages.

7) Relationship – Most retailers have a long-term business relationship with their wholesaler. Your Account Manager knows who you are and what types of products work best for you.

8) Easy to Order – Whether by phone or by web site, Florabundance makes it easy and convenient to place your order day or night.

9) Selection – Florabundance offers a wide selection of product from which to choose. Both traditional products to the most unusual, Florabundance has you well covered.

10) Cost Effective – Florists are not required to ‘buy in bulk’ as with some suppliers. Useable quantities are available for every size operation.

‘Tis the season for flowers to be a major part of your projected sales. Why chance your hard earned reputation with a supplier whose quality is unknown. With products and service from Florabundance, you know it’s going to be right and that is well worth it!

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