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July 15th, 2012

Every summer, the weather heats up and bring us many surprises. While the grass and trees may be drying out and the days and nights are warmer, it is still a great time to be in the floral industry. One of the most exciting events that happen in the summer months is AIFD’s National Symposium! This year it is titled Caliente’ and nothing could describe it better!

Caliente’ will be happening July 10th through the 16th with an assortment of exciting events scheduled each day. The first event is the opportunity for those registered candidates to test for the PFDE process. They are given 4 hours to complete 5 floral arrangements specific to the floral industry such as wedding, sympathy, personal flowers, duplication and designer’s choice. These wide ranges are narrowed down to a more specific presentation such as a casket spray or bridesmaid bouquet or whatever the committee has established for this year’s category. After the design process has occurred, the next morning it is time for a team of evaluators to evaluate (not judge) each candidate’s work. The floral designs are evaluated 7 times and then the high and low are removed. The remaining 5 are then tallied to get the final score. Those candidates who score 4.0 or better are then extended an invitation to join AIFD upon competition of a few additional requirements. Candidates who score 3.2 – 3.9 are qualified to be a Certified Floral Designer. It is an honor to be either one of these and lots of hard work goes into this professional achievement.

Day two and three is filled with many committee meetings and behind the scenes tours of what is to come for the rest of the week. It is always interesting to see what the designs look like prior to being seen on stage a few days later. Friday is always a highly anticipated day. Once the Annual Members Meeting has completed, the Partners Expo opens to showcase the newest and coolest product available in the floral industry! AIFD Partners such as Florabundance will present colorful and unique products for people from all over the world to see and enjoy! Along with all the other vendors from growers to container manufacturers to wedding and prom fashions, this year will be the first ever to have a mini fashion show presented for the attendees to enjoy!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are filled to the brim with educational opportunities presented by designers from the US, England, and Puerto Rico. From inspirational programs, to business, to sympathy and of course a wedding extravaganza featuring the incomparable Grace Ormond along with Ian Prosser AIFD will finish the symposium with an over the top presentation!

Two exciting evenings of floral décor that will likely never be seen before will happen for the newest members being inducted into AIFD this year and the Leadership Gala to honor all the leaders, committees, and boards of AIFD. It will be floral decor to the most superlative degree! Be sure to watch the Florabundance website next week for photos of what is happening at AIFD.

Florabundance and AIFD joining forces to make this symposium a hot, hot, HOT time to remember! If you can’t make Miami, remember you can purchase the DVD’s of programs to enjoy later. Visit AIFD.org for more information on ordering the DVD’s and all the other educational opportunities that are happening around the country.

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