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Field of Dahlias

We are excited to announce a new program for Farmer-Florists and Flower Growers! Florabundance would like to help domestic flower growers with some unique varieties of bulbs and tubers for cut flower production. To launch the new program we are offering the following Dahlia Tubers.

These high quality Dahlia Tubers will be available 80 Tubers per order. Orders must be received by Mid-December for tubers to be planted spring 2015.

For pricing information and to order please contact Joost directly at – joost@florabundance.com

Bonesta Dahlia - pink and white striped dahlias

Bonesta Dahlia

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

Cookies and Cream Dahlia

Cookies and Cream Dahlia

Glorie van Heemstede Dahlia - yellow dahlias

Glorie van Heemstede Dahlia

Golden Emblem Dahlia

Golden Emblem Dahlia

Jamaica Dahlia - red and white dahlia

Jamaica Dahlia

Le Baron Dahlia - magenta dahlia

Le Baron Dahlia

Le Baron Dahlias - magenta dahlias

Le Baron Dahlias

Lucky Number Dahlia - pink dahlia

Lucky Number Dahlia

Nagano Dahlia - red with white tipped dahlia

Nagano Dahlia

Onesta Dahlia - pink dahlia

Onesta Dahlia

Paradise City Dahlia - pink with white center dahlia

Paradise City Dahlia

Paradise City Dahlia - pink with white center dahlias

Paradise City Dahlias


Over the past several weeks you’ve heard my conversations with floral designers who are leading the way when it comes to sourcing their flowers, leaves and branches from local farms. They place high value on seasonal blooms, because they know their bouquets and arrangements will be all the more beautiful and cherished by the customer – a customer who is also asking, Where do my flowers come from?

We’re kicking off this important conversation with Joost Bongaerts, owner of Florabundance in Carpinteria, California.

Joost has been involved in the horticulture and floral industry his entire life – and through Florabundance he sells flowers to retail florists and designers all around the country.

Located as they are in the flower-basket of the U.S., Florabundance has the unique ability to source from small and large flower farms in California and in many other states on an almost a year-round basis.

I applaud Joost for labeling all of the CA-grown options on the Florabundance web site. In the future, we should see other wholesalers adopting this practice. And next, we’ll urge them all to identify other states, as well as use the soon-to-launch American Grown Flowers logo.

To read the full story including the Podcast with Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers and Joost Bongaerts of Florabundance, please click here.


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