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November 24th, 2012

As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. While children young and old wait for a visit from Old Santa, we florists wait for the coming of holiday clients ready to place their orders for friends and families both near and far. ‘Tis the season for many special celebrations and we can help make those occasions be extra special with floral arrangements featuring the seasons best and freshest.
Let’s start with what most people have come to embrace and request, “Christmas Greens”. Evergreens provide the base for many holiday arrangements. They add a wonderful fragrance and provide hope for a quick winters passing. There are many additional foliage’s that work well in combination with the evergreens to provide visual interest.
Supplementing contrasting leaf forms provides added interest in holiday stylings. They also provide a nice subtle change of color as well as texture. Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus, Salal, Huckleberry, Boxwood, Oregonia, Lily grass, Bear Grass, Magnolia, and Pittosporum are just a few “everyday” greens that can be added to the traditional seasonal selections to create a new and varied presentation.
Remember that most evergreens are very thirsty and will need to be styled in a container that has an ample water source for these thirsty foliages. Keep in mind the needles will need to be shaved off about an inch or two to allow for easy insertion into the floral foam. Removing the needles to decrease the bulk of the stem lessens the chance that the floral foam will break apart. Using one of the commercial malleable plastic rose strippers is an easy way to remove the needles and foliage from most evergreens.
Your foliage bases can be prepared well in advance provided they are kept in a cooler and watered often.Keeping them stored under a plastic covering will help retard the transpiration process. Many florists have found success in preparing 4-5 bases to accommodate the more popular arrangements. Round single candle, round double candle, oblong triple candle, novelty containers, wicker baskets, and glass cubes are all ideas that might work for you. Visit last year’s sales history to help guide your decision as to which were the most popular styles and the strongest in sales. DIY customers who want to make their own holiday stylings will be in search of a resource for their special projects. You can be that resource by letting it be known that you have packages of foliage’s all pre-bundled and priced in a cost effective way to ensure a successful holiday styling. You may want to even consider having some general directions on your website as a resource. The phantom fear of losing a customer is eliminated as the DIY customer now comes to you for their foliage, flowers and accessories. They will repeat time and time again not only this season, but for the years to come as they have success with flowers and think of you when it comes to resourcing product. Wouldn’t you rather have a repeat customer that buys multiple times a year versus those who maybe only make one or two purchases a year or worse, none at all? Remember, the only product you are not selling them is labor and you have not invested any so you don’t have to charge for any. Pre bundled bouquets of fresh Florabundance flowers ensure a successful addition for the DIY customer along with ribbons, berries, and the other additions that complete the holiday stylings.
So, as you prepare your arrangements for this holiday season, remember to add the magic of color, texture and contrast to your holiday stylings with mixed foliage’s and beautiful flowers from Florabundance.

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