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December 18th, 2011

It’s hard to believe this is the last week before Christmas! What an exciting time for everyone as the clock ticks away. Children are counting the days until Santa arrives while retailers count the days until the last candled centerpiece is delivered! Oh to be a child again! But as the clock continues to tick, hurried shoppers are on the last week of choosing those special gifts for family and friends. As the malls become more and more of a frustrating experience be ready for all those last minute shoppers to make sending flowers the best choice for the season. Some people are just a little slow to catch on and could have avoided the traffic jams, disappointed selection and poor customer service often found in retail stores right before the holiday.
Here are a couple of things to do to get ready. First, look at your web site. You will want to eliminate those sold out items, those that are labor intensive and only show your best selections. Don’t be afraid to show your best premium bouquets and upscale flowers. People who shop last minute are willing and able to spend for that WOW floral styling.
Second, make sure you have plenty of inventory on hand for those last minute shoppers. They have had enough disappointments already and you want to be remembered as the hero not the one more retailer who added to their holiday stress. Vases and foam based stylings are good to have for those hurried shoppers who are on their way to parties and other celebrations. Have plenty of hostess gifts on hand that are easy to transport and priced appropriately. No one has time to wait while you have to make and arrangement from scratch.
Thirdly, take a look around at your show room. No one wants to shop in a picked over, messy shop. Grab Santa’s elves (aka the staff) and do a power clean. A quick dusting, remove any tired arrangements and plants and move those slower moving items closer to your high traffic areas. Sometimes just a different location will make a slower mover into a cash cow. It is so worth the time and energy to keep the shop looking brand new and arrangements fresh. Sweeping up the pine needles, glitter and artificial snow will help spruce up the first impression! And, don’t forget to wipe down the cooler doors and counter area often. Remember the KISS theory…Keep It Simply Sparkling!
And lastly, at some point during this hurried week, take time to remember all those friends and family who make your life special and say thank you to them. We are truly blessed in many ways and it is important to take a moment and reflect on just how blessed you are.
Happy holidays to all of you and wish you all the best for a season of happiness, joy and blessings to share.

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