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December 18th, 2009

With Christmas being just one week away, now is the time to put the attention to the details and efforts for strong selling. While many retailers are out of product and the thoughts of heading out to a mall are just shy of the worst nightmare, customers are seeking easy solutions to last minute gift ideas. Here are a couple considerations to make sure you are ready to handle these last minute requests.
First, take a look at product availability. Do you have enough fresh flowers to handle those last minute requests with style and panache? If not, get with your Account Representative today to place your order for next week. Remember, customers are still looking for fresh and wow not tired and tattered. Maintaining highest quality is very important even at the last minute.
Second, make sure everyone who has customer interaction is aware of what is for sale and how much it retails for. Prices often change at the holidays as well as product mixes and availability. Maintaining the professional image is very important to help eliminate customer frustration and being given incorrect information. Also, make sure everyone is aware of delivery schedules that might be altered for the holidays.
Third, take a look at your website to make sure it is current and updated with the latest seasonal stylings and featured bouquets for the holidays. Remove any that are not currently available or have sold through and replace them with new offerings for this week. Now is a good time to include any New Year’s bouquets you might be showcasing. With New Year’s on the weekend, you can bet many will be ringing in the New Year in style that should include fresh flowers.
Remember that when a customer calls, visits your website or comes in, they are looking to you for help and guidance. Making suggestions for add on sales is not a bad thing to do. Without the suggestion, a customer may have not known that you feature another vases, gifts or services that are available. Help them with options and suggestions to make the season bright.
And, above all, celebrate the holidays with family and friends! Have a great holiday season!

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