Park Place Design

Tracy Park has been in the wedding industry for over 22 years. Her passion for flowers began when, as a young girl, she attended several weddings and became totally enamored with the flower arrangements… particularly the brides bouquet. Inspired by the wedding flowers, She worked with local floral shops part time in high school to learn basic mechanics and skills. After earning an Associates Degree in Business, Tracy put her degree to good use by managing a Bridal Shop in Michigan for over 16 years. During this time, she began designing wedding flowers as a hobby for extra income. Eventually, her part time “hobby” turned into a second, full time job as brides discovered Tracy’s exceptional talent for interpreting their wedding “vision” in flowers. Tracy believes that People and High Quality work are the best advertisement.

5 years ago, Tracy left her 9-5 job to be a stay at home mom and pursue her dream of being an independent floral designer. Tracy’s decision quickly propelled her into a career she truly loves as a highly successful and sought after wedding flower designer and owner of Park Place Design.It was formerly named Affordable Elegance

Tracy is a member of CFAA (Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas) and keeps her floral skills and design work up to date by regularly attending workshops and entering floral design contests. Her work has been featured in Florists’ Review Magazine and the Florabundance Newsletter. She is also the acting President her local Michigan Flower Club’s district 2B. With a wide range of knowledge and experience in the wedding industry, leadership ability, business savvy and seasoned floral design skills, Tracy is uniquely qualified to serve as uBloom’s Expert in Weddings and Special Events.


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