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S.A. Rose-Akito 40CM
Pure white 40 cm. Please order a week in advance!  Please Note: We reserve the right to sub with different stem length if 40 cm is not available. more >
S.A. Rose-Amsterdam 50cm
Beautiful peach pink color may vary depending on time of the year and growing location. more >
S.A. Rose-Anastasia 40CM
Sparkling white rose more >
S.A. Rose-Attache 50CM
S.A. Rose-Blushing Akito 50CM
S.A. Rose-Cherry Brandy 50cm
Orange with lighter center more >
S.A. Rose-Coffee Break 50cm
Dark bronze color more >
S.A. Rose-Creme de la Creme 50
S.A. Rose-Latina 50CM
50 cm stem length. If certain length is not availbale we may adjust the order with different stem length. more >
S.A. Rose-Polo 40CM
Great wedding rose!  Check on stem length availabiliy with your Wholesale Floral Consultant. more >
Sago Palm Leaves - BG
Green more >
Salal (lemon leaf)
Green leaf, grown in the North West.   more >
Grown in the USA
Salal Case
Grown in the USA
Salal Tips
Green, good size bunch grown in the Northwest.   more >
Grown in the USA
Scabiosa Pods
about a 10 stem bunch  great item for bouquets locally grown more >
Grown in California
Grown in California
Grown in California
Sea Star Fern
Grown in the USA
Sheet Moss
Green sold by the case only. Certain times of the year it may have a lighter color because of rain. Please order in advance! more >
Grown in the USA
Smilax Bags, 3-4' vine
There is one vine per box and it is a 3-4’ section. natural green   more >
Grown in the USA
Snowdrops (Leucojum)
Good size flowers available in February  march depending on the weather. Locally grown in Northern ca Leucojum vernum (Spring snowflake) normally grows 15-20 cm tall (6-8 in), though it may reach up to 35 cm (14 in). It ... more >
Grown in the USA
Solidago Asters-yellow
Locally grown golden rod. more >
Grown in California
Sonata Lily, Yelloween
Beautifull large lily saturated with sunlight yellow.  Lime-green throat, pistil and filaments; striking deep burgundy pollen. Stems 26 to 36 inches.   more >
Grown in California
Song of India tops
Large stem, beautiful variegated foliage. Please order 5 to 7 days in advance! more >
Song of Jamaica
South American Rose-Akito
Pure White large flower.   more >
South American Rose-Ambiance
Yellow with Pink more >
South American Rose-Amsterdam
South American Rose-Anastasia
South American Rose-Anna
Blush Pink more >
South American Rose-Avant Gard
Lavender more >
South American Rose-Blizzard
South American Rose-Charming Unique
Light Pink more >
South American Rose-Cherry Brandy
South American Rose-Cherry Love
Red more >
South American Rose-Cherry O'
South American Rose-Circus
South American Rose-Crme de la Crme
Buttery cream color more >
South American Rose-Escimo
White is considered a Sweetheart rose. This rose is great for corsage work, however the SA grown type is much larger than the same variety grown in California or Holland.   more >
South American Rose-Esperance
South American Rose-Faith
South American Rose-Free Spirit
A great bicolor orange. Very popular!! Please order 3-5 days in advance! more >
South American Rose-Geraldine
South American Rose-Gold Strike
Yellow more >
South American Rose-High&Magic
Large Yellow with bicolor edge more >
South American Rose-Jade
Green more >
South American Rose-Konfetti
Yellow/Orange more >
South American Rose-Latin Ambiance
Pink more >
South American Rose-Leonidas
Terracotta a super nice rose! The color can vary somewhat depending on the time of the year and growing climate.   more >
South American Rose-Lindsey
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