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Palm Fan Leaf
Special ordered at your request .Please order a week in advance more >
Pampas Grass - 5 stems - dried
Brown Tall  grass. If you order larger quanitities of just pampas grass you can request shipping Fedex ground.  Please note fresh crop is avilable from Summer until Fall. After that it will be dried . more >
Grown in California
Passion Flower Vine
About 3 to 5 stems per bunch. Lovely item to use in design. more >
Grown in California
Peacock Feathers
Tall stems more >
Peony, Deluxe-white/cream
Beautiful very large flower white peony. Limited availability until supplies last. We work with the finest growers to get the best quality. more >
Peony, Import-apricot/coral
Beautiful coral peonies. more >
Peony, Import-blush
Peony, Import-Festiva Maxima
Peony, Import-fuchsia
 We source peonies from all over the country when in season and the rest of word when out of season.  more >
Peony, Import-hot pink
We source peonies from Norther California , Oregon , Washington ,Va Canada , Holland and may other places around the world. more >
Peony, Import-light pink
Peony, Import-medium pink
Peony, Import-red/burgundy
Peony, Import-white
Peony, Import-yellow
Pepperberry, Hanging
Red more >
Grown in California
Phalaenopsis Spray, Novelty
Locally grown and cut to order. Check with your floral consultant about the different typ of novelties available. more >
Grown in California
Phalaenopsis Spray, Purple
The sprays are cut to order to ensure freshness and have a minimum of 5 blooms or more. Color can vary if you have a specific requests, please talk with your wholesale floral consultant  in advance. more >
Grown in California
Phalaenopsis Spray, White w/fuchsia
Locally grown and cut to order. more >
Grown in California
Phalaenopsis Spray, White w/yellow
White flower with a yellow center. Single spray had a minimum of 5 flowers or more. We cut these to order, please place your order in advance! more >
Grown in California
Pheasant Feathers
Phlox-hot pink
The perennial Phlox paniculata, is a member of the family of the Polemoniaceae, and originates from North America. Phlox is an excellent filler for a bouquet. more >
Pieris Buds, Andromeda
This long lasting flower is mainly available in white, however some pink is also available during the season. Picture may vary from the actual depenidng on origin  and time of the year. If you are looking for something unusual to add to an ... more >
PineCones, Ponderosa x150
150 Ponderosa cones per case. These ideal sized Pine Cones are 3" to 6" long and used for accents in wreaths, swags and centerpieces. Collected from beneath the boughs of Ponderosa Pine trees. more >
Grown in California
PineCones, Sugar x20
Sugar pinecones are 9" to 12" long. more >
Grown in California
Pittosporum, Italian Variegated
Green with White more >
Green more >
Green with White more >
Grown in the USA
An airy type green   more >
Grown in the USA
Poppies, Icelandic-yellow/orange
A combination of Orange and Yellow shades.   more >
Grown in California
Poppy Pods-green
Poppy Pods are grown in California. This type of poppy is totally legal to grow, sell, and you can buy both seeds or plants at you local nurseries, greenhouses or special gardening stores. This poppy cultivar does not contain any opiate ... more >
Grown in California
Privet Berry - green
Dark Purple berries. Please note they start early in the season as green berries see other picture or counsult with your Wholesale floral consultant.   more >
Grown in the USA
Protea, Banksia-green
Protea, Banksia-orange
Banksia comes in different colors and are sold by the stem. more >
Grown in California
Protea, King - pink
Pink l;arge flower head. more >
Protea, Pincushion-orange
Protea, Pincushion-red
Protea, Pincushion-yellow
Protea, Pink Ice
Pink more >
Grown in California
Protea, Pink Mink
Pink with Black more >
Protea, Red Baron
Protea, Waratah-red
Red Waratah (Telopea) is a genus of five species,native to the southeastern parts of AustraliaThey have spirally arranged leaves 10-20 cm long and 2-3 cm broad with entire or serrated margins, and large, dense flowerheads  6-15 cm diameter ... more >
Purple Sensation Bouquet
This vibrant bouquet is sure to make someone's day that much brighter!  It includes - 2 Green Trick Dianthus, 2 purple Stock, 2 purple Lisianthus, 2 Bells of Ireland, 2 green Spider Disbud mums, 2 Myrtle. There is a minimum of 4 bouquets per ... more >
Displaying 1 to 45 (of 45 products) Result Pages:  1 

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