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Susan Mcleary of Passionflower Events in Ann Arbor, Michigan shared these lovely photographs with us, we love the way she designed these beautiful pieces using flowers from Florabundance!

My arrangements are made to complement a gown, a ceremony locale, a reception hall, but are also made to be individual works of art…to delight the senses and infuse the tranquility of nature into a event.
I am continually amazed and inspired by the ephemeral beauty of flowers, and see each event as a chance to inspire others.

Photographs by: © First Comes Love Photo

Susan designed the bridal bouquet and centerpiece with green lady slipper orchids, muscari, white sweetpeas, purple lilac, hellebores, green & burgundy ranunculus, fritillaria, fig branches and poppy pods.

green purple white bridal bouquet

lady slipper orchid lilac hellebore fritallaria

ranunculus lilac lady slipper orchid

ranunculus sweetpeas fritallaria

ranunculus sweetpeas purple green white

green figs purple centerpiece

green fig centerpiece purple flowers

While the calendar doesn’t officially say it is time for spring for yet another few weeks, once Daylight Savings Time is here, most feel it is ready to celebrate the change of seasons. We have been seeing a majority of red and white for the past 3+ months and it is a welcome change to see other color pallets with vibrant colors as well as softer pastels. Whether displayed in a mono-botanical styling or integrated and fused with other non-seasonal components, traditional spring time flowers are a welcomed sight!
Due to the wonderful resource of growers and shippers, what once was considered a ‘spring time only’ flower; most are available throughout the entire year. If we polled the average consumer, most would probably be surprised to find that Tulips are now available pretty much a twelve month flower and Iris are not just for May! They are still harbingers of spring along with Daffodils, Pussy Willow, and multiple choices of blooming branches.
Making a floral display in your store sets the tone and provides ambiance for your customers to enjoy interacting with the different selection that are available for purchase. Tall vases or French Galvanized containers with a liner inside make for a great display of blooming branches and other tall offerings. Curly Willow, Forsythia, Apple and Cherry branches are best displayed this way. You may need to add a little base weight to some of the more light weight containers to keep them from spilling or getting turned over as self-serve customers interact with them while making their selections. Remember to change the water as needed and add a good floral preservative to keep the branches blooming.
Assorted sizes of clear vases filled with Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Muscari, all bundled ready to grab and go gives your shop a real European feel. Also by having individual stems priced for mix and match looks keep everyone coming back for mire. It is important to use one of the preservatives made for bulbs as their needs are different than the traditional cut flowers. Vases of Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, and Snowball Virburnum also add interest and round out the selection nicely. Keeping a different selection of spring flowers each week keeps your customers coming back time after time to find out what is the new flower of the week. Keeping a mix of color also adds interest. Some like pastels of pinks, peaches and soft yellows while other customers will be drawn to bright and bold intense colors such as orange, shocking yellows and saturated hot pinks.
Consider hosting a DIY class focusing on spring flowers. What a great way to share all the tips and tricks that dispel all the wild and crazy homemade post harvest care misnomers that customers think are helpful such as slitting the stem keeps a tulip closed. While it may do so, it is because you have just injured the tulip and it will not have a chance to fully mature because of its shortened shelf life. Another incorrect assumption is that it is ok to mix Tulips and Daffodils in the same vase. While they may look pretty for a photograph, the Daffodil actually emits a sap that prevents the Tulips from hydrating properly because their stems clog and they die prematurely.
Brighten up your design work with bulb flowers this spring. Welcome the change of season visually even if it is not quite time on the calendar or the weather outside still has a bit of winter’s bite. Everyone will welcome the brightness in the home or office!

My favorite time of year is upon us! SPRING! Here come all the lovelies for us to design with:

When you receive your Hellebore flowers, trim a bit off the stems and immediately plunge the stem ends (1/2”) into hot water containing a floral preservative for about 15 seconds. They last for about a week or longer!
order Helleborus flowers

Muscari – Grape Hyacinth
We suggest you get a few extra stems because they are delicate. Great for wedding bouquets!
Blue Muscari Grape Hyacinth

Daffodils & Narcissus
Gorgeous “Erlicheer”, also known as Early Cheer are pleasantly fragrant and long-lasting. Yellow daffodils add a great pop of yellow to arrangements and a lovely way to announce spring has arrived!
double narcissus and yellow daffodils

Add some height to your flower arrangements with yellow blooming Forsythia branches.
Flower yellow branch forsythia

Meleagris also known by the common name of checkered lily. Colors in the bunch can vary depending on the time of the season, burgundy with bronze tints and some yellow and cream, they do have short stems. They are imported from Holland, please order in advance for following week arrival.
Fritillaria Meleagris Checkered Lily

Hyacinths are available in purple, light blue, pink, hot pink and white and they add the perfect spring touch to flower arrangements
pink white purple hyacinths

Pieris Japonica
A unique texture to add interest to your flower arrangements is flowering Pieris Japonica, also known as Andromeda. This long lasting flower is mainly available in white, however some pink is also available during the season.
Andromeda Flowering Pieris Japonica

Last but definitely not least in our spring-time round up is the Tulip! Tulips come in just about any color imaginable and a variety of shapes, the classic tulip shape, double petals, parrots and fringed edges! Ask your floral consultant for advice in picking out just the right ones!
tulips for sale

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available for spring, please ask your floral consultant what else might be in this week!

Post by Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs

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